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Product Description

Diminishes redness
Has an anti-inflammatory and astringent effect
Antibacterial effects on skin impurities
Combats skin impurities and prevents new ones from forming
Ideal for use after a facial, has hygienic properties
Easy to measure thanks to pump-dispenser
Has a refreshing, cooling, clarifying and calming effect on the skin 
Optimal preparation for shaving for men/ prevents ingrown hairs
Ideal for use before epilation for avoiding inflammations
A little goes a long way


Usage Instructions

After cleansing, emulsify a daub of gel with water and evenly distribute over the skin, 
allow to take effect for 2-3 minutes. Rinse off with lots of lukewarm water.

TIP: In the salon booth: Use before and after facials, for toning the skin 
before epilation, prevents inflammation/ irritations.


Active Ingredients

Peppermint oil



50ml dispenser

Schrammek Gel Super Purifiant(50ml)

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