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Product Description

Has a powerful calming and anti-inflammatory effect
Reduces blotches and flushing and brings quick relief
Decongests and fortifies blood vessel tone
An effective “SOS” for irritated skin
Concentrated active ingredient power
Easy application
Optimum hygiene package (small opening, little contact to airborne germs)
Spot application of the specially-formulated cocktail
Now also available in a spa package for home use
Innovative active ingredients combined with proven active substances from 
our derma.cosmetics products 


Usage Instructions

For simple and hygienic application, twist off the tip of the applicator and apply the product as usual. 
The penetration of the active ingredient concentrate is normally enhanced by the mechanical energy from a massage. Electrically assisted methods such as ultrasound and iontophoresis will also heighten this effect.

TIP: Offer your customer the 7-day spa package for use at home. This way she can intensify her treatment results or simply make sure she has a radiant and youthful appearance for special occasions (wedding, vacation, etc.). 

Dr. Schrammek Sensi Calm 21pcs

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