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It's the first week of May, 2020. In this Post Coronavirus World, nothing surprises us any more. This morning of May 9th(Sat.), it was 22 degrees with the windchill and the ice formed on my driveway. Life will never be the same again. We are doing our best to adjust to a new world.

Our facility will be sanitized several times a day. Our equipment will be disinfected post every treatment. We will do our best to stagger your appointments so you don't have to run into other clients. Of course, we'll be wearing masks, globes and face guards to protect everyone on site.

THE FACE Laser Clinic was never about serving mass Clientele. We've always excelled in providing customized services to select few. We will focus only on you while you're at our Clinic.

Upcoming weeks, we will try to bring some of our VIPs back a little by little. Hope you'll answer to our invitations. Be healthy, and be happy^^

Crew at THE FACE Laser Clinic

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