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We offer state of art Laser Procedures, complete line of Plastic Surgery and even full medical skincare programs.

Jason S. Lee, M.E., MBA, CLC, Member MAPA
Managing Director of Face Laser Clinic, LLC.

Mr. Lee was a Founder and C.E.O. of Idee Laser Skin Clinic, LLC in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Idee was one of the first Cosmetic Laser Centers in the area. Now he brings a unique Clinic that offers broad range of Laser Procedures, Plastic Surgery and Medical Skincare. 
His 3-Dimensional approach is serving the need of Cosmetic Surgery Patients very well. Mr. Lee is now currently working with Cosmetic Dentistry Group to add yet another dimension to his current medical philosophy. His medical staffs include Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Cosmetic Medicine Specialist. He also is an Expert Laser Clinician, trained and certified by major Laser Companies like Aesthera, Fraxel, Sciton, Synosure & Thermage. Mr. Lee has done many Clinical trials on Asian Skins. He is well versed and trained on Intense Pulsed Light Technology. Mr. Lee also is an expert in Radio Frequency Technology. He has trained and worked with many Physicians on laser technology and laser devices. 
Mr. Lee is a true believer of Anti-Aging Medicine such as Mesotherapy, Hormone and Carboxy Therapy. He believes in combination treatment to enhance the efficacy of Laser Devices. He is a founding member of Medical Aesthetics Practice Association. 
Born and Raised in Seoul, Korea. Mr. Lee attended Yonsei University. Mr. Lee received his Bachelors Degree from New School for Social Research with minors in both Business Administration and Clinical Psychology. He also has a Graduate Degree from New York University. 
He lives in Bergen County in New Jersey with his wife and two kids.

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